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August 2013

Alongside my NHS practice, I will now be practicing privately exclusively from London's Harley Street, W1. Harley Street is known as the centre of medical excellence in the UK.

June 2013

Nature versus nurture: more grist to the mill. This is a short article gathering some thoughts that came to me after reading an article on how twins could turn out to be such different people despite sharing the same genes.

February 2013

Article review - Peter Fonagy on psychotherapy in the NHS

In this short article I express my views about Peter Fonagy's interview by Martin Polecoff. I describe the fact that it is best that the psychotherapist has gone through psychotherapy himself.


February 2013

Article review - four elemental questions for therapeutic psychology: a personal view. A review of an article published in The Psychotherapist, the official magazine for the UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy), by David Zigmond. In this article, David Zigmond, who is a GP, Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, gives us four fundamental questions to ponder when we see patients for psychotherapy. Zigmond is concerned that the medical model, prevalent in the NHS, does not equip us with the mindset that is necessary for an authentic encounter.

December 2012

In this article published in the Autumn edition of the newsletter of the Association of Integrative Coach Therapist Professionals (AICTP) I discuss how I help certain clients by using coaching and psychotherapy side by side.

In the article I discuss how it can indeed be possible (and under which strict conditions) to apply the thinking of coaching, which is a collaborative relationship that is set up between a coach and a client to achieve certain specific goals, and psychotherapy, which is relies more on creative spontaneity and the ability not to always know where one is headed.


October 2012

"The relationship between multilingualism, self-experience and psychotherapy": a lecture at the Training for Contemporary Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Birmingham.

I gave a lecture and facilitated a seminar on this theme, highlighting how multilinguals manifest and engage with different aspects of their self, depending on the language that they are living in at any given time. I showed how this influences the process and outcomes of psychotherapy, and discussed meaninglful ways of working with a person's mulitlingualism.


September 2012

How to raise bilingual children?

This is a link to the website of a colleague who is a child psychotherapist and who consulted me on behalf of one of her clients on how to ensure that a child who is raised in a multilingual family can thrive and acquire two languages.

I answered her request by writing this article, which is now permanently featured on her website.

June 2012

What is integrative psychotherapy and integrative counselling?

Abstract: this article gives definitions of integrative psychotherapy and counselling, and outlines my clinical philosophy as well as where I understand problems to stem from.

Should a psychotherapist be prescriptive with his or her clients?
Abstract: it is a commonly held perception that psychotherapists are there to change their clients. So, how does therapy work if the psychotherapist does not seek to replace the client's views with his or her own?

Press release:

London psychotherapist Cedric Bouet-Willaumez was invited by the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists (COSRT) to run workshops for its annual conference on 19 and 20 May 2012. The conference had as a central theme the importance of considering race, culture and language in sexual and relationship therapy. Cedric ran four workshops to a good reception by the conference delegates.

May 2012

Anger Management - beyond technique

Abstract: there are two main routes to approaching anger management, the most popular one is based on the acquisition of techniques alone, and the second one which seeks to go beyond the technique to help people change in deeper and more sustainable ways.

April 2012

Workplace counselling

Abstract: this article describes some of the devastating effects of bullying and harassment at work, and how a therapist can help people who are suffering from it.

Depression with anxiety: a common problem

Abstract: it is frequent that depression and anxiety will be experienced jointly. This apparent paradox calls for three different approaches in helping sufferers deal with the problem.

March 2012

Depression counselling, a service offered by Cedric Bouet-Willaumez, Harley Street Counsellor

Abstract: Depression is a very common mental health problem but people very often do not access adequate help. The article lists some reasons for this and gives an overview of my approach to treating depression at my Harley Street-based London practice.

Psychotherapist London - can a psychotherapist help you overcome depression and anxiety?

Abstract: exploring the patterns of depression and anxiety is key to being able to change them.

Counselling in London - get the best counseling service

Abstract: people come to counsellors for a variety of problems, not all of them readily identifiable. If there isn't a long-standing problem, often it is because a particular problematic situation has arisen that challenges the person beyond their current abilities.

February 2012

How anger management can help

Abstract: a short post broadly describing different approaches to anger management.

A growing need for depression counselling in London

Abstract: this post lists some of the causes of depression in London as well as the therapies that help individuals address it.

Harley Street Counsellor - the role of the counsellor in managing emotions

Abstract: an experienced counsellor based in London'd centre for medical excellence can help people increase their mastery of their emotional world through better awareness and insight.

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